Friday, November 18, 2016

The days are getting shorter now, and the years are flying by. Those Thompson Boys are growing, and it seems unavoidable now that they're not my babies anymore. Of course, I've neglected to write, not for lack of subject matter-- simply for a lack of time.

Lately, I've been increasingly moved by the thought that I am preparing my sons to be men. I feel so convinced about the expectations I'm setting for them, and the examples I'm showing them, and the ideas they're being show right now, and how all of it will affect who they end up being.

I want to raise gentlemen. I want to raise Godly men. I want to raise leaders, who are strong but gentle, caring and attentive. I want to raise men who serve and aren't afraid to work hard. I want to raise good souls, who know the value of other people. I want to raise responsible citizens. I want to raise men who detest apathy and who aren't afraid to look a problem in the eye. I want to raise individuals who care about their communities, and who are dependable.

So, excuse me for not updating lately. I've been raising men.

"Father, help me point them to you. Regardless of grades, and assignments, and report cards, help me to teach them the important things in life. Help me to shape their hearts, in addition to their minds. Help me to remember they're watching, God. Help them to see YOU through me. Whoever you have in mind to enter their lives when they're older, be it friends, or a significant other, God, prepare those people, too. Help those people to recognize that you are the creator, sustainer, guide and best friend. Help my boys to love you more every day, and help me to be the protector of their hearts against this messed up world. God, I know you're in control. Now, help me let go and give it to you. Amen." 

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