Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Life keeps happening. Regardless of how much I would like to take the advice of every little old lady I've ever met and slow our growing up process down, the boys keep getting bigger, and learning more, and the days, and months, and years keep flying by. I just don't understand it!

Summer is here, and we are relieved at the Thompson house. Kindergarten year for Porter has been conquered, not without its own troubles, but fortunately, with the help of many new friends and loving teachers and administrators dedicated to partnering with us and helping P get the most out of his education. Brad and I are so very, very proud of the little boy he is growing up to be. Here's a photo of him on his last day of school with his sweet teacher, Mrs. Katie Morgan. He absolutely loved her. In fact, on the last day, he told me: "Mom, next year, I want a teacher like Mrs. Morgan." Yes, son, I agree.

He's six now. He's lost all four of his front teeth, and he loves watching Power Rangers on his iPad and swimming. He is quickly mastering how to swim without floaties, but admittedly, I'm a lot more frightened about it than he is. He likes to get up early, still needs to take a nap, and has the kindest soul you'll ever meet. He asks everyone he meets if they know Jesus, which pretty much makes my heart SWELL with pride. "Do you know Jesus is Lord?" We are fairly certain he will grow up to be a preacher, a missionary or a politician... but he insists that he wants to be a pirate or a firefighter.

We've had lots of struggles this year. He isn't on the same level developmentally as other children his age, but he works so very hard and is very talented socially, making friends everywhere he goes. He is currently working with a retired school teacher in our neighborhood who helps him with reading skills, and we're hopeful he will gain some ground this summer before 1st grade. Week after next he will attend a soccer camp, and after that we will take our first ever family vacation to Washington, D.C. around July 4th. It seems that Porter has a very exciting summer ahead, but for now he is completely content to get up each day, hang out with his best friend Fischer and his best friend, Daddy. This kid has my heart, y'all.

This kid is something else. I never knew what that phrase really meant, or felt the need to use it, until I met Fischer, and now all the sudden that's the only way I can describe him. He just finished up his first year at Williams, and had SUCH a good year in Mrs. Karla's class. He made wonderful friends, his little personality kept developing, and he has gained an extensive vocabulary and inquisitive mind. He's always asking questions, constantly remembering details, and mastering impressive concepts that I am not fully prepared to explain. He is tenacious, loyal, and full of life. 

This year during t-ball season, it broke his heart that he had to watch Porter and Daddy play and he couldn't play himself just yet. In a couple weeks, he will attend soccer camp as well, and I can't wait to see him go after the ball, run, play and get in the game. I have all expectations that he will be a fierce competitor. I foresee many fun days at the ball park/stadium/field in our future. 

My boys are my reason. They are the reason I push. They are the reason I keep learning. They are the reason I keep getting up and getting dressed every morning. They are the reason I try to love their Daddy more each day. They are the reason that I strive to be a better Christian, better mom, better daughter, better sister, better teacher, better employee and better friend. 

This is my prayer. 

God, thank you for letting me be their mom. Thank you for teaching me and molding me each day into what they need. Sometimes I fail miserably. Sometimes I feel like I'm winning, but most of the time I feel like I'm only getting by because of your grace and mercy. You are everything I need. 

Thank you for Porter. Help me accept your will. God, change Porter's situation. Develop his mind. Create in him a desire to learn. Give him focus, and knowledge, and the right people in his life to keep him moving forward. Help us provide the opportunities he needs. Please give him a thirst and hunger for YOU. Help Brad and I to be the teachers he needs, both teaching him about your great love and his faith, and also in traditional education. Help us to be supportive, patient, and help us to be the advocates he needs. Change his situation, if it's your will, God. Help him to grow up and be a productive, independent and happy adult. 

God, thank you for Fischer. Thank you for his sweet smile and his bright mind. Help him to love others God, and develop in him a love for you. Help Brad and I to be the spiritual examples he needs, and help us to protect him from all the disgusting and evil things of this world. Help him to grow up to be a strong man, with morals and character and honor and love. Help him to respect authority and work hard. 


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