Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Is summer really over?!

It's coming. Quickly, without hesitating. The end of summer is nearing and in exactly one week #thosethompsonboys will be in school.

Fischer will be starting Pre-K 2 at Williams this year, and entering school for the very first time. I am so very excited for him. I know he will have so much fun, and will learn so much from being around his peers. He will sorely miss being with his Daddy every day, but I have a feeling my smart and funny little boy will have no problems making friends and being the life of every party. I can't wait to see what amazing things God has planned for Fischer Henry this year. I am constantly praying for his sweet teachers, because they will need all the patience, humor, and will that God can pour on them.

Porter will start Kindergarten at J.K. Hileman Elementary this year in Queen City. I feel prepared. That' s a big deal, considering that I have been dreading this day for a little over five years now. I am so thankful that we've had two years at Williams FUMC Day School, and so thankful for all the wonderful teachers and his amazing therapist at Pleasant Grove that have poured into him and prepared us for this big next step in his education.

I think Porter is ready. We've talked a lot about his new school for big kids, and although I don't think it has really sank in yet, he seems to genuinely be excited for what is to come. I know we will have obstacles to overcome, and I know that we will struggle and work hard every day, but I am truly excited for Porter to move forward and learn so many new things. I am glad we know what to expect with his therapy, and I'm glad we will know so many of the sweet smiling faces at QCISD. Brad and I both have an overwhelming peace about him going to school there. God is so good and so faithful. I'm praying he will hold Porter in the palm of his hand, keep his tender and big heart protected, and help him to open up his mind and store away everything he learns. He's going to do so many great things.

We are prayed up and ready.

School supplies are purchased. School clothes are bought. We have everything labelled and laid out and we're ready to go. My head is ready. My heart is strong. 2015-2016 school year.... HERE WE COME!

This is my prayer: 
Lord, you know every need. You have orchestrated this school year and I know that you have wonderful things in store for those who love you. The Thompson family loves you, and we want to honor you in every step of our day. Lord, protect them. Provide the right friends, the right influences, and the right material that will point them to you and your will. Help us to be loving, supportive parents who teach our sons right from wrong. Lord, calm our fears. Hold us in your strong and mighty hand and if you see fit, take the tears and worries from my mind so that the boys can have a fun and happy start to their school year. You are so good, Lord. You are so kind and loving and I cannot thank you enough for what you've done already in our lives. Help us to keep honoring you all the days of our lives. 

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